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Dorien Dorion, born in Florence, is an esoteric researcher specialized in some disciplines, such as oracle cards readings (tarot and other), dowsing and energetic cleansing. By way of kinesiologic testing he can obtain information about past lives and spirit guides. He loves cats and he is the author of several books such as "I Poteri Magici del Gatto" and "Oracoli. Tutti i Modi per Conoscere il Destino" ("Cat's Magic Powers" and "Oracles. All the Methods to Discover Your Destiny", published under the name Fabio Nocentini by Giunti De Vecchi). He is also fond of aliens and flying saucers.

He offers consultations on appointment at his studio in Florence.

Dorien is a versatile artist and he is also interested in electronic music; sometimes he takes part in photographic or cabaret performances, in music videos and in shows of various kind, generally together with Fratelli Stellari. The photo above was taken at an event entitled "Oracoli del Buonumore" ("Cheerful Oracles"), held at Libreria Fratini in February 2018.

Dorien Dorion

Photo by Stefano Pastorino Photography

Dorien with the Steampunk Pirates

Photo by Stefano Marsili Libelli

Dorien with Gothic Angel Claudia Bardi

Photo by Gianfranco Fabbroni

Above: "Fantasia e Mistero. Giornata Fotografica al Giardino delle Rose", a cosplay event organized by Fratelli Stellari and Libreria Salvemini: October 2019.

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Dorien in "Past Life", a music video by DJoNemesis

Dorien at a Carnival show at Nardini Bookstore

Dorien in Fratelli Stellari's video "Milky Way Super Mix": Cabaret Show